Why can't I pay with a foreign bank card?

We operate only in Georgia and these services are blocked to prevent transfers from abroad. 

What is the durability after the opening of the facial creams?

If the term on the packaging is not specified, the standard is 6 months. The construction of the tube prevents the absorption of air and the product remains long.

How noteworthy is the content of alcohol in the creams?

Bio-alcohol used by weleda is a vegetable origin. Spirt/Water  mixtures are used to prepare vegetable extracts, which are used in various products. In addition, alcohol improves the consistence and stability of natural cosmetic products. The skin does not even derail, because it will be broken in a few seconds from the face of the cream.

Is it necessary to wach a hair after using Nourishing Hair Oil?

If you use Nourishing hair oil as a mask during of 30-60 minutes, you will be wash.

Are weleda deodorants contain aluminum salts?

100% certified natural deodorants offering protection that is fresh, safe and effective. Formulated without aluminium salts.

Are weleda dental care products contain fluoride?


Which weleda product is used to remove eye makeup

 For eye make-up removal, use a few drops of almond oil on a damp cotton pad.

Can we use Baby shampoo to wash a diaper area?

Yes of course

Does weleda tubes have a protective aluminum foil?

The 10 g tubes have a protective aluminum foil, but 30 g not