1. Introduction

The Terms and Conditions are the agreement with binding force between you and NaturaPharm (hereinafter “the company”) and regulates the use of weledashop.ge.
With the consent of the use and conditions of weledashop.ge, you agree to its privacy policy, as well as the cancellation of the order or the return of the product.
Please read the rules of this use before using the Web page. The administration of Weledashop.ge reserves the right, at any time by publication of the same web site, changes in these conditions

2. Application

By approving these conditions, the user confirms that

  • he/she is a natural person of 18 years or more,
  • he/she is acquainted with the conditions and accepts them,
  • all data submitted by him/her are accurate;

After the opening of a personal account, weledashop.ge will verify any personal information.

3. Opening and using an Account

The buyer needs to be registered on he website weledashop.ge.
For registration, the buyer indicates the name, surname, e-mail and a password. The password   is not stored the in an open form.
To complete the registration, the user must mark the field that he/she agrees with weledashop.ge privacy policy and terms of service;
After completion of the registration, the buyer chooses the desired product or products and adds them to the basket.
For the completion of buying, the user fills additional information: personal number, cell phone number, actual address, chooses the desirable delivery and payment methods and completes the procedure for purchase.
If the buyer has additional questions in regard of weledashop.ge service terms or products, he/she may contact a consultant by using the appropriate contact field on the website or under the NaturaPharm office phone number: 0322 38 21 28.

4. Authorization

4.1. After registration and verification,  the user is authorized to use the website.
4.2. Authorization is carried out by means of universal identifiers of the user.

5. Selecting the desired product, placing order and receiving

5.1. The authorized client is transferred to the main page through the website, from which he/she can access different information through navigation buttons.
5.2. Through the navigation buttons, the Client elects the category of desired products, after which he/she is able to filter the data according to the desired price category, product characteristics or other proposed criteria.
5.3. The client chooses to select the “confirmation” button and places the desired product in his/her own basket.
5.4. After placing all products in the basket, the Client will be redirected to the payment page where the value of the products and service fees are presented.
5.5. The client will be able to obtain acquired products according to the rules of pre-defined delivery service.
5.6. On the same day on which an order has been placed, the customer has the right to revoke this order. He also has the right to return a received delivery, as long as this happens on the same day it was obtained.

6. Regulatory legislation and procedure for settlement of disputes

6.1. These terms are regulated and interpreted in accordance with the Georgian legislation;
6.2. Georgia is considered as theplace of fulfillment of conditions;
6.3. Any dispute or disagreement related to these terms or its interpretation shall be decided by negotiations between the parties;
6.4. If the Parties will not be able to reach an agreement within 30 (thirty) calendar days, they are unconditionally agreed to apply to other means of resolving the dispute granted by the legislation of Georgia.

7. Changes in these terms

These terms may be subject to changes. The amendments will be implemented without advanced notice from weledashop.ge. Customers will have the opportunity to agree to the next use of their website.